Stephanie Son

I’ve always been interested in martial arts. I have a friend who came here and studied Wing Chun and recommended it to me. I’ve always wanted to learn based on the fact that I’m an actor and wanted to get something which was a bit more like a skill so I can do action movies and those sorts of things. Also because of the fact that Wing Chun is about fitness and stability and relaxing and still using the force. I find that because I’m a little person, it’s the kind of martial art I can do (because it) doesn’t require brute strength – that’s the great philosophy about Wing Chun.

The great thing about coming into the Academy is that there’s a great student to teacher ratio. You always feel that there’s a teacher there to support you, train you and pay attention to how you’re improving and growing. And to make sure that you’re always doing the right thing and learning something every class.

Wing Chun has improved my flexibility. It’s improved my stability and my coordination. It’s been something that I’m doing for myself that’s made me much more of a confident person in the way I move, the way I act in life, the way I get through life. It makes me feel really good about myself.

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