Steve Borthwick

I’ve been a school principal for 13 years and in that time I’ve seen a great number of children who don’t fit into the category of being sports people like in football, netball, soccer, whatever. A lot of parents ask me what kinds of things they can encourage their kids to get into and I say martial arts. I say martial arts first and when the conversation goes on further, I recommend Wing Chun definitely. It gives kids confidence, it helps them to focus and concentrate. When you’re in a classroom and you’re surrounded by 30 kids and there are lots of things happening, it’s easy for kids to lose focus on their learning. Martial arts, and Wing Chun in particular, enables them to focus and concentrate on what they are doing.

One of the big misconceptions about kids learning martial arts is that they tend to get into fights. That’s just not true. Learning a martial art teaches kids self control. They learn to focus; they learn to avoid fighting at all costs. To get to engage in some kind of confrontation and then to be able to get out of that confrontation without fighting is the best thing. Learning a martial art gives you confidence. You know that you can control another person in a fight, or fight another person, so (you realise) I don’t have to, so I don’t need to get into a fight.

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