Written testimonials and articles about the Academy.

Paul Baird (Mission Australia)

"We have found the instructors to be professional, dynamic, compassionate and sensitive to the needs of groups and individuals. We have used other self defence service providers but none of them have hit the mark as well at the team at the IWCA."

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Michele Naughton (Land's Edge Sydney Harbour)

"Scott and his team have an impressive, calm manner; they are clever teachers of their craft and most importantly, the children gain a sense of achievement in a fun, supportive, safe environment."

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Ian Dunn (ACEDGP, SA)

“The IWCA’s practical demonstrations (at the Security in General Practice Workshop) were extremely well received. Attendees have commented that they considered this session as one of the most useful and thought provoking."

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Kathy Lawrence (St Mary’s College, SA)

“The Year 10 students at St Mary’s College found the self defence course ... to be informative and most of all practical."

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Tom Casey (All Saints Anglican School, QLD)

"At all times [the Academy's students] have been wonderful ambassadors for the sports of the martial arts and present as excellent role models for young people.”

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Claire Tatyzo (National Union of Students)

"... Instructor Paula’s [approach] was quite balanced and empowering. We will definitely use the IWCA for future events!”

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Kathryn McGowan (Paramount Pictures SA)

"I was impressed by both instructors and students alike – your dedication is admired and appreciated.”

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Christopher Highman (RN, RM, MBA)

“Having worked for over 15 years in a variety of community and in-patient roles in mental health nursing, I find training in Wing Chun Kung Fu an excellent way to keep both mind and body exercised and learning."

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Hugh Norley (Personal Trainer)

“... my fitness training has noticeably improved. My balance and posture have improved out of sight and the ache in my back has disappeared too!”

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David Shannon (Student)

"The system is unique in the way striking force is developed using relaxation and technique rather than physical strength."

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We are proud to be Australia's first and only carbon neutral martial arts organisation

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