Written testimonials and articles about the Academy.

Michal Gramacki (Overseas Student)

"... the atmosphere is based on old Chinese culture, respect to the founders and present instructors who put in a lot of effort to keep this school at the highest level..."

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Elanor Berry (Grade 3 Student)

"Wing Chun has become a way of life – it’s changed my fitness, posture and beliefs. It is challenging both physically and intellectually."

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Matthew Hunt (Level 1 Senior Instructor)

“My confidence is a lot better due to teaching, and since I enrolled five years ago, I’ve lost about 60kg..."

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Bobbie Gibson (Overseas Student)

"The reason I picked this particular school was its outstanding reputation and character that I heard about from friends and from my research on the internet..."

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Renji Hori (Overseas Student)

"I have learnt much about body structure and correct movement and I feel overall more confident than before."

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Ronald Lamb (Level 1 Instructor)

“I’m 73 years old and weigh 61kg ... I’ve found this martial art to be most relaxing and a very practical form of self defence..."

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Mark Robertson (Full-time Student)

"... my Wing Chun training came out instinctively and spontaneously, preventing me from getting hurt."

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Waidah Dali (Overseas Student)

"I believe that ... Wing Chun has made me ready to act fast and be alert in any threatening situation."

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Jason Er (Grade 4 Student)

"... I have increased my strength and co-ordination whilst learning to become more relaxed. I have also developed more self confidence."

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Sundeep Phatak (Grade 2 Student)

"... we get all the benefits of going to the gym and learn a wonderful life skill at the same time."

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We are proud to be Australia's first and only carbon neutral martial arts organisation

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