Australian Women's Health

Class 2: Kung-fu (Wing Chun style)

Alice says "Kung fu is a true art form - there are rituals and etiquette involved, like bowing to Sifu (teacher) at the start and end of class. And you can't just walk out after a couple of classes ready to fight Jet Li; it takes years of dedicated practice to master kung-fu. But that doesn't mean your fitness won't benefit from it immediately - the class gave me a super-sweaty workout that combined cardio and strength training, plus stretching. I learnt how to punch and kick properly, and how to hurt someone if they grab my wrist. Hi-yaaa!"

Best bit "The class had a mix of students from various levels, so the helpful advanced people assisted the newbies, like me."


Source: Women's Health, July 2008, p 41. Rodale's Women's Health is a registered trademark of Rodale Inc.


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