Christopher Highman (RN, RM, MBA)

“Having worked for over 15 years in a variety of community and in-patient roles in mental health nursing, I find training in Wing Chun Kung Fu an excellent way to keep both mind and body exercised and learning. It gives me a quiet confidence that I can maintain my own and my clients’ safety whilst defusing/dealing with any aggressive or threatening incidents. It also gives me the knowledge and ability to analyse self defence systems to see what really works and what I can really do in a situation where my own or others’ safety is being threatened. I must admit I have been through numerous types of “evasive self defence” training courses and each one, in comparison to Wing Chun, continues to fall short of the mark in being simple, practical, efficient and adaptable. There were too many unrelated techniques, no principles behind them and they weren’t taught to be applied effectively.”

Christopher Highman RN, RM, MBA, Level 3 Senior Instructor

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