Sundeep Phatak (Grade 2 Student)

“After many years of going to the gym, I was pretty bored with the routine especially because I could not see any appreciable returns.  I’d always been keen for both my wife and me to learn martial arts and decided this was the right time to start. 

“I found out about the International Wing Chun Academy and booked in our trial class.  Before this, we did a little research and were very happy to learn that Wing Chun doesn’t rely on brute strength at all.  During our trial class, Instructor Tom showed us a few moves and explained a bit of the theory and philosophy behind Wing Chun.  We were totally blown away by his explanations.  We decided to join up soon after and haven’t regretted it one bit.

“The classes combine technique with a great workout, so we get all the benefits of going to the gym and learn a wonderful life skill at the same time.  The instructors are really dedicated and ensure we learn each technique correctly, however long it takes.”

Sundeep Phatak, Grade 2 Student, Sydney HQ

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