Tamara Salas (Certificate II Student)

“Practising Wing Chun for the past 11 months as a local student of the Academy’s Sport Coaching course has widened my perspectives on many levels and benefited me in many ways.

“Before I took up this amazing martial art, I practiced kickboxing on a regular basis for about 10 years. All I knew was how to punch and kick as hard as I could. With precision, yes, but I never thought Wing Chun was going to change my whole perspective on the art of fighting.

“The Wing Chun system proves the five principles it is based on to be correctly precise 1000%. I recently had a spar with a friend of mine from kickboxing. I was Wing Chun and he was kick boxer. He stood side on while I was front on, guard on! I didn’t wait for a flinch and boom! bang! there I was attacking his knees with a low heel kick and parrying his guard out of the way, attacking him through his centreline in less than the blink of an eye. I was continuously, effortlessly executing punches, kicks, leg traps, etc.

“I think he said at one point: “Wait – I don’t know what’s happening. There’s too many coming all at once.” Then he shook his head and said to me “Let’s try it one more time”. And time and time again with bouts of around 15-20 seconds each, I moved in quicker than I ever thought possible, executing strikes guided by my instincts. All I was aware of was what was around me and inside of me. I could even hear his breath in exhaustion, and I cannot recall having to apply unnecessary force because every one of my strikes deflected his force. It confused him.

“The night after this amazing experience I thought about the five principles and realised that they fully stand by what they mean. Wing Chun is Direct, Practical, Simple, Uses Minimum Brute Force, if none at all, and of course it applies Economy of Movement.

“Wing Chun means total body union within oneself. Its short, sharp movements require the alignment of the body’s compass to be in its sharpest form thus acquiring force, speed and reflex all in one. When practicing this sophisticated martial art, it is not long before we realise changes in our physical, mental and spiritual senses. And I can be in no doubt that a higher state of self awareness can be achieved through time and diligence.”

Tamara Salas, Certificate II Student, Sydney

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