Waidah Dali (Overseas Student)

“Late one night as I waited outside a 24 hour shop for my partner, I was approached by two girls asking me for a light. I told them that I didn’t smoke, though I felt they may have had other intentions. Suddenly they went berserk and used harsh words and made fun of my answer. I was annoyed by their behaviour but was not afraid. Without realising what I was doing, I found myself moving into my stance, putting up my guard and ‘inviting’ them to fight. They continued throwing nasty words at me. I then moved towards them and they ran off as fast they could.

I know for a fact that I never had this calm and relaxed feeling before. I believe that what I have learned from Wing Chun has made me ready to act fast and be alert in any threatening situation. Thanks Wing Chun for building this confidence in me.”

Waidah Dali, Overseas Student from Malaysia, Gold Coast HQ

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