Train From Home!


Join Our Patreon and Train From Home!

Join Our Patreon and Train From Home!

Over the past two weeks, we've received an outpouring of support from members who want to help us get through the shutdown period.

While this is an incredibly challenging time for us (as it is for most small businesses), we didn't feel right about accepting contributions from members and not immediately giving anything back in return.

We've now started a crowd-funded Patreon for members who want to support the Academy while receiving something of value in return.

Membership Benefits

Depending on the membership level you choose, you will receive numerous benefits, including:

  • Access to our private online community
  • Exclusive Wing Chun content
  • LIVE online classes (to be announced)
  • Training Plan credit
  • Private Lessons valued at up to $148/hr
  • A unique commemorative token thanking you for your support

Every bit helps and we will be sincerely grateful for any level of support that you can offer us.

To join our Patreon, visit

We are proud to be Australia's first carbon neutral martial arts organisation

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