Chief Instructor Visits (NSW)


Chief Instructors Albert Chong, from the Academy's Adelaide HQ, and Ivan Howe, Gold Coast HQ, will visit Sydney Headquarters over the next few weeks to conduct training sessions for instructors.

During their visits, they will also spend time sharing their knowledge and developing their skills with NSW-based Chief Instructors Len Hollis and Tony Stewart.

The training trips are being sponsored by the Academy to encourage the sharing of knowledge and skills by Chief Instructors within the three states that the Academy operates.

CI Ivan will train privately with the Chief Instructors and assist teaching of the Senior Classes from May 23-27.

CI Albert will attend from June 21-23 and, as well as training with the Chief Instructors, will instruct the Senior Classes in Wing Chun principles associated with the three forms.

His programme will be:

  • Tuesday, June 21- the centre-line theory and its relationship to power generation; the meaning of occupying the centre-line and controlling the centre-line.
  • Wednesday, June 22 - Chum Kiu and the meaning of body unity, body balance and movement of the body mass; multi-directional force.
  • Thursday, June 23 - Bil Jee hand works with body connection; the idea of spinning and long-range force generation.CI Albert has asked prospective participants in these classes to give consideration to the objectives and development of their training programmes, identify areas of difficulty and notify him before the classes commence.

There will be no charge for these classes.

"We are extremely grateful for Chief Instructors Albert and Ivan volunteering their valuable time to assist the development of our instructors here in Sydney," Simo Linda says. "I urge all instructors to make a special effort to attend these classes."

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