Watch Our Wing Chun Stories


We're excited to release a new short video series featuring interviews and demonstrations by some of our trainers and students.

Watch the entire series below and subscribe to our YouTube channel for future updates.


Wing Chun Stories

Kristen's Wing Chun Story - Confidence

Learning Wing Chun has given Kristen the confidence to be more independent and feel safe walking on her own at night.

Cadmus and Kien's Wing Chun Story - Friendship

Wing Chun has given Cadmus and Kien the chance to get fit, have fun and make new friends in a supportive training environment.

Grace's Wing Chun Story - Power

Through Wing Chun's principles, Grace has learned how to defend herself against larger opponents and generate maximum power with her techniques.

Our Wing Chun Story - Advantage

In Wing Chun, there's no such thing as being too weak. Our system relies on skill rather than strength, and uses laws of physics to gain an advantage over a larger opponent.

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