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The Active Kids Programme

What is the Active Kids Programme?

The Active Kids Programme is an initiative by the NSW Government to encourage parents, guardians and carers to involve their children in sports, fitness and active recreation activities.

From the 1st of July 2023, parents, guardians and carers can apply for up to two $50 vouchers per calendar year for each student enrolled in school.

We are registered with Active Kids as a provider of structured martial arts and self-defence programmes for children. You can find us by doing a search for International Wing Chun Academy on Service NSW.

Who is Eligible?

If you're the parent, carer or guardian of a student, you can apply for Active Kids vouchers if the student:

  • is a NSW resident;
  • is aged between 4.5 and 18 years;
  • is enrolled in school (from Kindergarten to Year 12, including those who are home-schooled or enrolled in secondary school education at TAFE NSW); and
  • holds a current Medicare card.

You can apply for up to two vouchers per calendar year for each eligible student.

How Can I Use My Voucher at the Academy?

You can use your voucher as credit towards any of our Training Plans*.

Application and Redemption Procedure

  1. Apply online for a voucher and either (1) bring a print-out of the voucher with you to Sydney HQ, or (2) email it to us.
  2. Once we've confirmed the redemption of the voucher, we'll apply a credit to the fortnightly payments of your child's Training Plan. If your child is a new enrolment, we will apply the credit from their third fortnightly payment onward.

You can use your Active Kids voucher for both new and existing enrolments.

Redeeming Your Second Active Kids Voucher

Although our classes are offered all year round, under the Active Kids Programme, you may only redeem one Active Kids voucher per school term.

If you wish to redeem a second Active Kids voucher with us, you must wait until the next school term to receive credit for your second voucher. Click here to view NSW school term dates.


Active Kids vouchers cannot be used towards prepaid Training Cards as it is a condition of the Active Kids Programme that the student must participate in a structured programme of at least eight weeks.

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For further information on the Active Kids Programme, please visit Service NSW.

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