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Take your Wing Chun to the next level by applying for Grading.

The structured programme of Grandmaster Jim Fung's Wing Chun® is designed to build upon your self-defence foundation as you progress through Grades 1 to 4.

By the time you've reached Level 1 - our 'black belt' equivalent - you will have developed the skills and confidence to defend yourself in a wide range of self-defence situations.

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Grading Requirements

To apply for Grading, you must:

  • Have met the minimum attendance requirement.
  • Have an active Training Plan or a Training Card with at least 1 class remaining.
  • Wear full uniform and appropriate protective gear (if applicable).
  • Arrive 15 minutes before the Grading.
  • Present your student card with a recognisable photograph.
  • Be able to perform the entire Siu Nim Tau Form from memory.

Please refer to the Grading Application Form for more information.

Attendance Requirements

Each Grading has a minimum attendance requirement:

  • Grade 1 to 2: Minimum of 2 months and 18 classes in Grade 1
  • Grade 2 to 3: Minimum of 3 months and 24 classes in Grade 2
  • Grade 3 to 4: Minimum of 4 months and 32 classes in Grade 3
  • Grade 4 to Pre-Level 1: Minimum of 5 months and 40 classes in Grade 4

Grading Format

Gradings for Grades 1 through 4 follow the format below:

  • Siu Nim Tau Form*
  • Warm-up
  • Up to four techniques from your current Grade or earlier
  • Wing Chun Workout

* You must be able to perform the Siu Nim Tau Form from memory to an adequate standard or you will not be able to pass your Grading.

Revising for Grading

We recommend that you plan ahead and let your instructors know that you intend to apply for Grading. They will give you feedback on your progress and help you devise a revision plan to maximise your chances of success in the Grading.

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