Biu Jee

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Wing Chun's Biu Jee form as demonstrated by Tony Stewart.

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The above video demonstration highlights the Biu Jee form's generation of force and its ability to redirect the opponent's force to the centre of a vortex, thereby allowing a Wing Chun exponent to turn their attacker's force against them. The first movement demonstrated will work as either an attack or defence.

In the second movement, the Biu Sau (thrusting or darting hand), the Wing Chun exponent's body moves from its centre while the arm accelerates off the momentum of the body and the force projects through the fingertips like a whip.

In the third movement, the Garn Sau, upon contact with the Wing Chun exponent's arms, the opponent's balance is upset in several directions, which allows them to be controlled without effort.

The Biu Jee form is the most powerful of Wing Chun's empty-handed forms.