Counter Kicking

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Episode 6 - Counter Kicking

Hi, I’m Michael Amiet. Today I’m going to give you a few tips for intercepting kicks thrown by a trained opponent.

As my opponent moves in with a front kick, I raise my heel on centre to jam my opponent’s kick with minimal movement. I parry his arm out of the way and counter-punch with my free hand. I then finish him off with a stamp kick to his supporting leg.

It’s important not to over-commit with the jam as your opponent may be quick to throw another kick. In the next example, my opponent throws two front kicks and a turning kick.

By maintaining a stable, front-on stance, I am able to alternate between using my left and right legs to defend myself.

As my opponent throws a turning kick, I raise my knee higher and pivot to the side, making contact with his inner thigh. I then finish him off with a stamp kick to his nearest leg.

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