Women's Self Defence Classes

Learn Self Defence That Really Works

Wing Chun was invented by a woman, Buddhist nun and Shaolin martial artist Ng Mui, about 300 years ago.

Through Ng Mui's knowledge and experience, she created a powerful martial art that would work against larger attackers in a real fight.

Our world-renowned system will teach you the traditional skills of Wing Chun with a focus on practical, modern-day self defence. We'll show you how to use the power of relaxation and body structure to generate more speed and power than you ever thought possible.

You'll feel stronger and more confident after just a few classes with us.

Train with a Professional, Friendly School

All of our classes are professionally run by highly experienced trainers in safe, clean and friendly environments.

We're proud to have a diverse and inclusive community of students of all backgrounds and one of the highest numbers of women of any martial arts school.

If you train with us, you'll not only learn valuable skills, but you'll also meet some great people and make many lasting friendships.

Self Defence Classes For Women, Taught By Women

Our Sydney HQ offers dedicated Women's Self Defence Classes taught by Sijie Grace, Jo, Katie, Erin and Janie.

The content of these classes is focused on the specific types of danger that women may face in their everyday lives. These classes not only teach effective practical skills, but deterrence and de-escalation strategies as well.

Sijie Grace believes in the importance of women being taught how to defend themselves by other women. "Women better understand the emotions that women experience in threatening situations," says Grace. "Men have a much different mindset when it comes to self defence."

"Learning a few basic skills can go a long way in preventing the escalation of violence," says Grace. "Wing Chun promotes good posture and teaches you how to hold yourself, which communicates strong, confident body language."

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Get Fit, Tone Up and Feel Great

Our philosophy is that a healthy body and mind are more receptive to martial arts training.

We've designed all of our classes to have a built-in fitness component which will push your fitness levels to new heights.

If you've ever done group fitness classes, you'll love the high-intensity, music-driven Wing Chun Workout™ at our Sydney HQ.

Australian Women
[T]he class gave me a super-sweaty workout that combined cardio and strength training, plus stretching. I learnt how to punch and kick properly, and how to hurt someone if they grab my wrist. Hi-yaaa!

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Australian Women's Health Magazine

Find Your Inner Peace

As Wing Chun is an internal martial art (meaning that it's about mind over muscle rather than brute strength), you'll develop a focused mind and an inner calm through the relaxed practise of our martial art.

Many of our students have found these skills to be invaluable in coping with the demands of their own personal and work lives.

Women's Self Defence Videos

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