Knockout Punching

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Episode 7 - Knockout Punching

Hi, I'm Tristan Fung. Today I'm going to show you how to use stepping and pivoting to develop a powerful knockout punch.

The two key components of a punch are mass and acceleration. By relaxing my body as I punch, I am able to free up the mass of my arm to reach its target with maximum acceleration.

You can increase both the acceleration and drive of your punch by pivoting or stepping through. When pivoting, coordinate the pivot of your body so that it starts with the punch and ends as your arm reaches full extension. When stepping, move in as close as possible to your target and drive your body through as you connect with your punch.

Let's have a look at how a step and pivot can be combined to make your punch even more powerful.

By stepping toward my opponent, I mobilise my centre of mass in the direction of the punch. As my front foot lands, I then rapidly pivot through, adding to the acceleration of my fist. The combined effect of a step and pivot is a fast, powerful punch which will hopefully end the fight and get you home safely.

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