Available Classes

The International Wing Chun Academy offers classes to people of all ages who want to get fit and learn practical self defence skills in a safe and friendly environment.

The Academy's unique Wing Chun Kung Fu training programme designed by Grandmaster Jim Fung is both physically and mentally stimulating. Above all, it is highly effective at equipping students of all ages and physiques with realistic self defence skills from the first lesson.

Wing Chun Classes

Become faster, fitter and more powerful with our structured Wing Chun classes.

Choose from over 40 classes per week at our Sydney HQ and suburban training locations.

Women's Self Defence Classes

Invented by a woman, Wing Chun does not rely on physical size or strength to be effective.

Learn self defence skills that really work from our experienced female trainers.

Kids' Kung Fu Classes

Equip your child with powerful life skills and the confidence and ability to defend themselves.

Apply now to redeem your Active and Creative Kids vouchers with us.

Private Lessons

Fast track your training with a personalised lesson from an experienced instructor.

Schedule an individual or group Private Lesson at a time that suits you.

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