The International Wing Chun Academy

Dynamic Self Defence Classes for Everyone

The International Wing Chun Academy offers powerful and effective self defence and fitness skills to people of all ages.

Its reputation for teaching high quality, authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu is world renowned.

The Academy was established in Adelaide, South Australia, in 1973 by one of Wing Chun's leading masters, Grandmaster Jim Fung.

It is one of the largest martial arts schools in Australasia and has attracted students from around the world.

A Unique Martial Arts Training Programme

The Academy's unique martial arts training programme, Grandmaster Jim Fung's Wing Chun Kung Fu®, which Grandmaster Fung developed over his 47 years of experience as a student and teacher of Wing Chun Kung Fu, is unique to the International Wing Chun Academy and its Affiliated Schools.

As Grandmaster Fung's training programme does not rely on brute strength to be effective, many students find that they can effectively use the self defence skills they have learned after their very first lesson.

Through the improvement of body structure, co-ordination of movements and mind-body control, students learn to develop Wing Chun's unique concept of thought force, or 'Nim Lik'. Using Nim Lik, students are able to develop power equal to that of assailants twice their physical size or more.

Other benefits of Grandmaster Fung's training programme include fitness, weight loss, stress control and improved concentration, confidence and overall wellbeing.

Experience and Professionalism

Classes are run by fully qualified instructors of up to 39 years' teaching experience in safe, clean and friendly environments. Students range from five years old to their late seventies and represent a broad spectrum of the community from students to business professionals.

The Academy has a professionally staffed Wing Chun school in Sydney which is open seven days a week, as well as Suburban Branches throughout NSW and Affiliated Schools worldwide.

Its self-defence classes are supplemented by specialty classes in areas such as fitness, relaxation, sparring and street defence.

The Academy has also been conducting training packages and short courses for schools, government departments and corporate groups for many years.

Courses have been held for the South Australian Police, Long Bay Gaol, the Departments of Immigration and Social Security, Lend Lease Corporation, Mission Australia, Fort Street and Sydney Grammar schools, among others.

Endorsement by Leading Authorities

The International Wing Chun Academy was the first martial arts school in Australia to offer Nationally Recognised Training and is one of only a handful of martial art schools outside China to be recognised by the Chinese Government's esteemed All China Martial Arts Register.

The Academy is directly endorsed and supported by Chu Shong Tin, the most skilled and knowledgeable practitioner of the art today. Chu Shong Tin is officially 'Father of the International Wing Chun Academy'.

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