Breaking the Guard

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Episode 1 - Breaking the Guard

Hi, I'm Tristan Fung. Today I'm going to show you an effective way to break your opponent's guard with a parry and punch.

As my opponent raises his guard, I immediately move in and parry his leading hand out of the way. By shifting his guard just off centre, I am able to step through and punch him in the face.

The parry and punch is most effective when done quickly and while moving in to your opponent. As you move in, initiate the parry and punch as soon as your leading hand comes within range of your opponent's guard. Both hands should move at the same time, making the parry and punch one quick movement.

Once you've landed your first punch, you should try to finish your opponent off as quickly as possible. A powerful way to achieve this is with a series of continuous punches, also known as chain punching.

When chain punching, move in and drive your entire body behind each punch. This will allow you to generate maximum force with each punch and take your opponent off balance.

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