Destroying the Haymaker

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Episode 3 - Destroying the Haymaker

Hi, I'm Michael Amiet. Today I'm going to show you how to defend yourself against one of the most common types of attack - a haymaker punch to the head.

Using a simple 'dai sau and punch', I am able to redirect my opponent's punch while striking back at the same time. This allows me to land a powerful centreline punch before my opponent has time to initiate a second attack. I then finish him off with a knee and a series of continuous punches to the head.

When applying the dai sau, it is important to maintain the angle in your arm to redirect your opponent's punch and avoid hard blocking. The centreline punch should start at the same time as the dai sau to reach your opponent's head as soon as possible. Any follow-up strikes should be simple and direct, utilising your full body mass down the centreline.

In a real fight, a trained opponent may try to trick you in order to catch you off guard. In the next example, my opponent throws a fake before going for my leg to take me down.

In a situation like this, it is important to keep your centre of mass low and not overcommit with any of your strikes. By maintaining a balanced and stable stance, I am able to put my foot back down to finish off my opponent with a series of continuous punches to the back of the head or neck.

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