Kids' Kung Fu Classes

Wing Chun Kung Fu is an excellent martial art and hobby for children and assuring for parents concerned about their safety.

It is easy to learn and enormously practical. Its techniques offer smaller people the ability to overcome larger attackers because the movements are based on skill rather than size or strength.

The International Wing Chun Academy has been teaching children from the age of five years in schools and at its branches around Australia since 1973.

Our Little Dragons classes for children aged from five to 13 years are safe and fun, and students quickly acquire the skills to spot and avoid dangerous situations and protect their physical and mental well-being when no other help is at hand.

"With bullying on the increase in schools, our Little Dragons are introduced to psychological aspects of self defense from day one. Learning how to escape from a threatening situation without resorting to violence is always our aim. This is done by instilling in students confidence, respect and a positive attitude that the students can take into their daily lives."

Wing Chun builds character, making it an ideal interest for shy or introverted children and a positive step on the road to a healthy, active lifestyle. The IWCA offers children an interesting way to get fit and trains the mind as well as the body. Students experience improvement in:

  • Self discipline
  • Concentration
  • Reflexes
  • Posture
  • Flexibility

The Little Dragons training programme differs from that for our adult classes and is broken up into a series of grades or 'sashes' each one building on the basic self defence skills learnt at the beginning.  Older students are given the responsibility of helping with warm-up exercises and to help demonstrate techniques, and regular awards are made on the basis of improvements in focus, attitude or discipline.

The IWCA has been running self defence courses for children in schools around Australia for over 30 years.

Class Prices

Little Dragons Training Plans

Our 12 month Little Dragons Training Plans are displayed below. Hover over the Training Plans to view more information, including the fortnightly rate and minimum total cost for our 6 and 3 month Training Plans.

These Training Plans are charged fortnightly via direct debit to your bank account.

Flexibility of Training

If your child needs to take time off due to school holidays, exams or other commitments, you may suspend your child's Training Plan at any time by submitting an online suspension request through our Current Students Portal (1 week's notice is required).

Unlike many other schools and gyms, we won't charge you an administration fee for this.

Lock In a Great Rate!

Once your child has completed their initial Minimum Term, their Training Plan will continue at the same great rate until you give us 3 weeks' notice to change or terminate their Training Plan.

Terms and conditions apply. Please contact Sydney HQ for more information.

Training Locations

Our Little Dragons Training Plans will allow your child train at one nominated Wing Chun school. We currently offer Little Dragons classes at the following locations:

Sydney HQ

  • Thursdays 4:30pm to 5:30pm
  • Saturdays 12:15pm to 1:15pm
  • Sundays 12:15pm to 1:15pm

Click here to view more information on our Sydney HQ.


  • Tuesdays: 5:45pm to 6:45pm

Click here to view more information on our Liverpool Branch.

Join Now

All of our Little Dragons classes feature a beginner group, so beginners can start at any time.

Bring your child along to one of our Wing Chun schools 15 minutes before the Little Dragons class and one of our instructors or team members will be able to get your child started. Please make sure that your child wears comfortable clothing and socks to their class. You'll need to bring your bank account details with you in order to sign your child up for a Training Plan.

Please make sure that your child is accompanied by a parent or legal guardian as an enrolment and consent form will need to be completed before your child will be allowed to train.

Alternative Payment Methods

All 12 month Training Plans may be paid for in a lump sum with cash or by EFTPOS. Please contact Sydney HQ for more information.

Training Cards (Alternative to Training Plans)

If your child cannot commit to a regular training schedule, a convenient alternative to our Little Dragons Training Plans are our Wing Chun Training Cards. Click on the link below to view more information and purchase your Training Card online.

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