Suspend My Training Plan

Submit a Suspension Request

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Please follow the steps below to submit a Training Plan suspension request online.

How to submit a Training Plan suspension request online

Click here to launch our Training Plan Suspension Form.

Tap here to launch our Training Plan Suspension Form.

Things to Consider

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Please take the following into consideration when submitting a Training Plan suspension request:

  • Your suspension must start on a Monday.
  • You can suspend your Training Plan a maximum of four times per calendar year.
  • Your suspension quota resets if you sign on for a new Training Plan within the year.
  • You must allow a minimum of four weeks between suspension periods.
  • You cannot suspend your Training Plan if your account is in arrears.
  • Once your suspension period commences, it cannot be extended.

Please refer to the full Terms and Conditions of Suspension on the Training Plan Suspension Form.

End of Year Suspension Requests

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Our Sydney HQ and NSW Branches close for approximately three weeks over the Christmas and New Year period each year.

As stated in your Direct Debit Agreement, holiday suspensions are not automatic; if you wish to suspend your Training Plan over the holiday period, you must submit a suspension request to us no later than five days before our last day of trading for the year.

Please note that any failed payments owed under your Direct Debit Agreement must be settled before your suspension request may be processed.

Unfortunately, we cannot backdate suspensions in our system.