Wing Chun Kung Fu Classes

People of all ages and fitness levels can learn how to easily defeat larger attackers using the International Wing Chun Academy's highly effective self defence training system developed by Grandmaster Jim Fung.

Through the amazing art of Wing Chun Kung Fu, students serious about ensuring their personal safety can develop more speed and power than they ever thought possible.


Class Structure

The Academy offers a number of options for study. Part-time or casual students generally attend a 60 or 90-minute session two to three times a week, progressing through the grading system at their own pace and at their instructors' discretion.

Each group, or Grade, is taught by a fully qualified Academy Instructor who guides students through Grandmaster Fung's carefully constructed syllabus of the Wing Chun forms, techniques and exercises. When students are considered to have sufficiently mastered the movements and techniques of their Grade, they are encouraged to be tested for promotion to the next grade where they will be exposed to more advanced areas of the art.

Self defence skills are acquired rapidly in a friendly, helpful atmosphere, and members are often surprised at the efficiency of techniques learned from the first day of training.

The risk of injury is minimal as students are taught to be in full control when practising and sparring.


Specialty Classes

Specialty classes in sparring, speed, reflex, stretching and relaxation, designed to complement students' general Wing Chun training, are also available.

Regular workshops and annual training camps, featuring hands-on teaching from the Academy's Chief Instructors are also offered.

The Academy also conducts special lessons to cater for the specific needs and interests of women and children through its Women's Self Defence classes and Kids' Kung Fu Classes. These classes are run in a similar manner to general classes but give emphasis to specific areas relating to women such as harassment scenarios or, in the case of children, schoolyard bullying.



The Academy's Sydney Wing Chun school is open seven days a week. Classes are held in the morning, afternoon and evening on most days. In Sydney City alone, there are over 38 classes per week for adults to choose from. This is particularly useful for shift workers and those with busy schedules.


Affordable Training

Cost-wise, lessons are very economical. Members who attend five lessons per week find that their training rate is less than a few dollars an hour. This is exceptional value considering the Academy's reputation for teaching excellence, having been in operation since 1973.


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