Wing Chun Kung Fu Classes

Grandmaster Jim Fung demonstrates a thrust kick at the International Grandmaster's Exhibition in Adelaide, 1988.

Wing Chun is widely regarded as one of the most effective martial arts for self-defence.

Our unique system was introduced to Australia by Grandmaster Jim Fung in the 1960s. Known as an extraordinary practitioner and influential teacher, he was the first Wing Chun master to devise a structured programme for learning the entire Wing Chun system.

Developed and refined for over 50 years, Grandmaster Jim Fung's Wing Chun Kung Fu® is now exclusively taught at our Wing Chun schools around Sydney.

We also offer specialised Women's Self Defence Classes, Teen Self Defence Classes and Kids' Kung Fu Classes.

Our Wing Chun Classes

A student practises the Wing Chun punch during a warm-up at the International Wing Chun Academy.

Our Wing Chun classes include the following core components:

  • Cardio-based warm-up incorporating Wing Chun punches, kicks and strikes
  • Scenario-based self-defence training
  • Striking and pad-work focusing on speed, force and reflex
  • Our popular Wing Chun Workout

We divide each class into small groups according to experience, which ensures that each student receives plenty of personalised training from their group's instructor.

We teach our classes with an emphasis on student safety and well-being, and we're proud to have a friendly and supportive community of students from all backgrounds.

A Structured Approach to Self Defence

Tristan Fung teaches the Wing Chun Parry and Punch at the International Wing Chun Academy.

From the first lesson, you'll learn simple yet effective ways to defend yourself against the most common types of attack.

We'll teach you how to use efficient biomechanics to deliver powerful punches and kicks while simultaneously deflecting your opponent's strikes. Most students notice significant improvements in their speed and power after just a few lessons.

While many Wing Chun schools shy away from sparring and practical application, we build students' skills and confidence by gradually introducing scenario-based training, controlled sparring, and free sparring.

As you progress through our Grading System, you'll learn how to adapt your Wing Chun skillset to more advanced scenarios, such as:

  • Multiple Attackers
  • Takedown and Grappling Defence
  • Knife Defence
  • Blunt Weapon Defence
  • Ground Defence

You can complete the foundational Grades of our Grading System after two years if you train twice a week. By this stage, you will be eligible for assessment to Level 1, which is our 'black belt' equivalent.

Master Your Mind and Body

Students sparring at the International Wing Chun Academy.

Our Wing Chun classes promote an equal focus on the mental and physical aspects of self-defence training.

You'll learn to remain relaxed under pressure through scenario-based training and controlled sparring, enhancing your mental resilience, confidence and awareness.

Our emphasis on efficient biomechanics and 'Fitness with a Purpose' will provide you with many health benefits, including:

  • Better posture
  • Greater freedom of movement
  • Increased functional strength and agility
  • Improved circulation and cardiovascular health

Achieve Your Full Potential

The mental and physical benefits of training with us are just the beginning.

We allow you to step beyond your comfort zone and learn powerful self-defence skills while being supported by like-minded people united in their commitment to personal growth.

You will have a rewarding and fulfilling experience with us as you learn our system, improve your mental and physical fitness, and make new, meaningful connections.

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