Burwood Wing Chun Classes

Training Location

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1st Burwood Scout Hall
17 Waimea St
Burwood, NSW 2134 *

Phone: (02) 9264 2712
Fax: (02) 9283 2296
Website: http://m.wingchun.edu.au/schools/burwood

* Please post all mail to Sydney HQ

General Information

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The International Wing Chun Academy's Burwood Branch was opened in 1990. Martial arts and self defence training is conducted in the spacious Burwood Masonic Hall, which is just a few minutes' walk from the Burwood Railway Station and is nearby Woolworths and Westfield Burwood.

The branch is run by Senior Instructor Jonathan, who is assisted by up to two Instructors and Trainee Instructors.

This branch is convenient for those living in and around Homebush, Concord, Fivedock, Ashfield, Croydon, Strathfield, Enfield and Canterbury.


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Training is conducted inside the 1st Burwood Scout Hall and signs are usually displayed on the footpath outside.

There is plenty of on-street parking nearby and the branch is within a few minutes' walking distance east-northeast of the Burwood Railway Station. Students travelling by bus should get off at either the Burwood Railway Station or one of the stops near the intersection of Shaftesbury Rd and Victoria St East.

Class Prices

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Training Plans

We are now offering better value than ever before with our brand-new Wing Chun Training Plans.

Training Plans are paid for fortnightly in advance and are charged to your bank account via direct debit. You can suspend your Training Plan at one week's notice through our Current Students Portal. Unlike many other schools and gyms, we won't charge you an administration fee for this.

Our 12 month Training Plans are displayed below. Hover over the Training Plans to view more information, including the fortnightly rate and minimum total cost for our 6 and 3 month Training Plans.

All Training Plans are inclusive of membership and insurance and apply to this location only.

Lock In a Great Rate!

Once you have completed your initial Minimum Term, your Training Plan will continue at the same great rate until you give us 3 weeks' notice to change or terminate your Training Plan.

Terms and conditions apply. Please contact Sydney HQ for more information.
Please note that different training rates apply to NSW Suburban Branches.

Join Now

All of our Wing Chun classes include a beginner group, so you can join now and start training right away.

Come along 15 minutes before a class wearing comfortable clothing and socks and our Branch Leader will help you get started. You'll need to bring your bank account details with you in order to sign up for a Training Plan.

If you are under 18 years of age, make sure to bring a parent or legal guardian along to complete the enrolment forms on your behalf.

Alternative Payment Methods

All 12 month Training Plans may be paid for in a lump sum with cash or by EFTPOS. Please contact Sydney HQ for more information.

You may wish to make a deposit on your Training Plan so that your fortnightly payment is drawn from your account balance rather than your bank account. Deposits can be made via cash, EFTPOS or PayPal directly to Sydney HQ.

Please note that you will still need to maintain a valid bank account on file as a backup funding source in case your account balance runs out.


Training Cards (Alternative to Training Plans)

Training Cards are an excellent solution for students who cannot commit to a regular training schedule. As they can be issued to anyone, they also make for a great present!

Our Training Cards are available in 6 and 12 class options and can be used for any class at any of our Wing Chun schools (excluding Affiliated Schools). They are inclusive of membership and insurance.

Training Cards may only be purchased online or in-store at Sydney HQ.

6 Class Training Card $129 Valid 3 months from your first class
12 Class Training Card $229 Valid 6 months from your first class

All prices displayed include GST.


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Jonathan Jong Wah *

Level 3 Senior Instructor

* Branch Leader

Instructor Profiles

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Jonathan Jong Wah

Inst. Jonathan, a Level 2 Senior Instructor, joined the Little Dragons class at the International Wing Chun Academy's Sydney HQ in 1992. A sales manager by trade, he became an Instructor in 2003 and was awarded a Dedication and Achievement badge in 2003.

In 2006, Inst. Jonathan became a Senior Instructor, and in 2008, he was appointed the Branch Leader of the Academy's Eastwood branch, which relocated to Epping soon after. In 2012, Inst. Jonathan transferred to the Academy's Burwood branch.

Inst. Jonathan says he took up Wing Chun Kung Fu as a means of getting fit and found it very useful when playing sport at high school. He says that the relaxed and social atmosphere of the Academy has helped him to maintain interest in the martial art of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Class Timetables

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


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