Countering The Jab

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Episode 2 - Countering the Jab

Hi, I'm Simon Wong. Today I'm going to show you how to defend yourself against a straight jab or punch to the head.

As the punch comes in, I redirect the punch and control the centreline with a 'tan sau'. I waste no time following up with a cut-down and punch to knock out my opponent.

When applying the tan sau, it is important to follow-up as quickly as possible, as a trained opponent will be quick to throw a second strike. An effective cut-down will control your opponent and affect their stability, making it harder for them to continue their attack.

Let's have a look at a situation where my opponent tries to throw a second punch.

In this situation, I choose to apply a 'dai sau' with my right hand to defend my head. By keeping both hands on the centreline in front of my body, I am able to use both to attack and defend at the same time. Here, you can see that I am able to use my left hand to punch while I defend myself with my right hand.

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