Chum Kiu

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Wing Chun's Chum Kiu form as demonstrated by Ivan Howe.

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The Chum Kiu form's predominant emphasis is on moving the body, stepping, pivoting and finding the centre of mass.

When stepping, it is important that the whole body move as one coordinated unit. When stepping with the body correctly coordinated, external resistance does not affect the movement of the Wing Chun exponent.

By focusing correctly, turning the body around the centre and ignoring the resistance, you can turn effortlessly and the person resisting will just come along for the ride.

The Chum Kiu form also teaches the development of multi-vector force, an example being a stepping movement with a simultaneous bong sau and dai sau. As the body moves to the side, one arm creates a circle with the bong sau movement while the other performs a raising dai sau movement, thereby creating 3 vectors of force. The combination of the 3 force vectors results in the generation of a tremendous amount of force which the opponent will find difficult to resist or determine the origin of.

When practising Chum Kiu, you must be mindful of body and arm coordination and maintain body unity.