Beating the Backfist

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Episode 5 - Beating the Backfist

Hi, I'm Simon Wong. Today I'm going to show you how to defend yourself against a spinning backfist.

As my opponent swings their fist to my head, I step in with my whole body and stop their arm with a 'fook sau'. The shock of this movement will upset their balance as I quickly follow up with a cut-down and punch.

A trained opponent will have a lot of momentum behind their backfist, so you must respond with your entire body mass. Maintain the angle in your fook sau and drive it forwards from your centre of mass.

Let's see what happens if my opponent follows-up with a spinning elbow.

By remaining front-on to my opponent, I am able to use both arms to defend myself against both attacks. Follow-up with a simple and direct counter-attack to end the fight. In this situation, I apply a low heel kick to my opponent's closest leg.

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