Punching World Record Reclaimed!


Academy Instructor and Affiliate Owner Robert Ardito has reclaimed his Guinness World Record for the Most Punches in 60 seconds.

ROBERT Ardito has regained a world record that packs a punch… well 805 of them to be exact.

Having held the world record for the highest number of punch strikes in a minute in 2007 Robert, of Narrabeen, learned last year that an American martial arts master had broken his effort.

He set a world record of 713 punches.

‘I was very excited when I found out my record had been beaten as I knew this would lead me to train hard to achieve an extraordinary result,’ Robert said.

Which he did. Last month he completed 805 punches in a minute, a record this week verified by Guinness World Records.

The event was held at the International Wing Chun Academy, Sydney, with several witnesses and two independent martial arts experts.

‘I truly believe that several years ago having been diagnosed twice with cancer gave me such a new look at life which made me strive to fulfil all my dreams,’ he said.

Robert has held the Guinness World Record for this event three times. His initial record was in 2005 with 428 martial art punches a minute, a rate he has now almost doubled. It is something which almost is beyond belief until you see him in action.

‘My martial art punch strikes per second are now averaging approximately 13.5 punches a second for 60 seconds, but I know I can do even more. Wing Chun teaches you relaxation, skill and mind power, which can increase your speed reflex and force and how to overcome brute strength with minimal effort.’

Robert teaches Wing Chun on the northern beaches. Visit http://wingchun.com.au/locations/affiliated-schools/shiu-lung-wing-chun-kung-fu-academy-mona-vale-nsw

Article Credit: Liz McDougall, THE MANLY DAILY, Tuesday, April 7, 2009.

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