Spotlight on Women's Safety


"Sex alert for women: Watch your backs"

In response to recent sex attacks on women in Adelaide, The Advertiser newspaper has consulted Sihing Ryan Young on the Academy's unique self defence programmes for women ("Sex alert for women: Watch your backs", 2012).

In the article, SA Police Minister Jennifer Rankine stressed the importance of women being aware of their personal safety and taking preventative steps to reduce the risk of falling victim to an attack.

Sihing Ryan of the International Wing Chun Academy's Adelaide HQ said that in a relatively safe community, attacks on women are a 'wake up call' and a reminder that personal safety should not be taken for granted. He explained that the Academy's self defence classes for women are highly practical in nature and equip women with realistic skills which they may use to defend themselves in a dangerous situation.

Source: Littlely, B 2012, 'Sex alert for women: Watch your backs', The Advertiser 15 September, p. 26.


"Women's Self Defence Classes"

Wing Chun Kung Fu was one of the few martial arts to be invented by a woman; a Buddhist nun named Ng Mui. Wing Chun may be applied by anyone, regardless of size or strength, as Wing Chun does not rely on brute strength to be effective.

The International Wing Chun Academy runs specialised Women's Classes several times a week at its Sydney HQ and Adelaide HQ.

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