Martial Arts Specialty Classes

In addition to our standard Wing Chun classes, our Sydney HQ also offers a variety of Specialty Classes designed to complement and enrich your Wing Chun training.

By attending our Specialty Classes, you will gain deeper insight into the Wing Chun system while further developing your fitness and martial arts skills.


Students on our Unlimited, Day Rate and Once a Week Training Plans are eligible to attend our Specialty classes.

Specialty Class Themes

Here are some examples of our Specialty Class Themes. Our line-up of Specialty Classes changes every two months and we are constantly developing new Specialty Classes to challenge and inspire you.

Refer to our timetable to find out when our Specialty Classes are held at Sydney HQ.


Combat Strategies

Become a Wing Chun tank with our Combat Strategies Class.

This controlled sparring class will teach you how to apply your Wing Chun as strategically as possible in combat, thereby increasing your fighting efficiency.

Recommended for advanced Grade 1 students and above.


Inner Focus

Sharpen your senses and unlock your inner potential with our Inner Focus Class.

This class will improve your mental acuity and teach you how to apply your new-found concentration skills to your martial arts training.

Recommended for Grade 2 students and above.



Fire up your offensive and defensive power with our Power Class.

As well as making you more powerful, this class will also increase your understanding of Wing Chun’s principles and biomechanics.

Highly recommended for students who enjoy hitting things.



Our Relaxation Class is your escape from the stress of busy city life.

Relax your body and mind through a progressive relaxation session performed to soothing ambient music. The skills learned in this class will prove invaluable to your Wing Chun training.


Ring of Death

Ring of Death is a high intensity sparring-based class designed to help you develop the skills and confidence to remain calm and in control in a high pressure environment.

How long will you survive in the Ring of Death?

Recommended for advanced Grade 1 students and above.


Wing Chun Warrior

Supercharge your core strength and stability through our Wing Chun Warrior Class.

We'll take you through an intense circuit of interesting and challenging exercises designed to improve your strength and fitness.

Do you have what it takes to be a Wing Chun Warrior?

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