Why Choose Us?

7 Reasons Why You Should Train and Study at the Academy

Whether you're considering a career in the martial arts, sport coaching, health or fitness industries or just looking to take up a martial art as a hobby - there are many reasons why you should choose the International Wing Chun Academy. Here are 7 of the top reasons.


1. Learn from the Industry Leader

The International Wing Chun Academy pioneered vocational education in the Australian martial arts industry through its two-year Advanced Certificate in Wing Chun, which was accredited by NSW's VETAB in 1989.

The Academy is one of the largest martial arts schools in Australasia and offers Nationally Recognised Training to Australian and International students (subject to campus location) through its Nationally Accredited Certificate II, III and IV courses in Sport (Coaching) specialising in Martial Arts Instruction (Wing Chun Kung Fu). The Academy also offers short and long-term non-accredited Casual Self Defence Courses in Grandmaster Jim Fung's Wing Chun Kung Fu™ to men, women and children of all ages.

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2. An International Reputation

The Academy's founder, Grandmaster Jim Fung, is acknowledged worldwide as having been one of the most skilled and knowledgeable practitioners of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Grandmaster Fung trained for more than 45 years under Great Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin, a closed door student of the legendary Yip Man (Ip Man) who took Wing Chun from China to Hong Kong in 1948.

The Academy continues to be directly endorsed and supported by Great Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin, who also holds the title of 'Father of the International Wing Chun Academy'. The Academy's Chief Instructors continue their training under the guidance of Great Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin in Australia and Hong Kong and are recognised as Masters (Sifu) by the Hong Kong Ving Tsun Athletic Association (VTAA), the world ruling body for Wing Chun Kung Fu.

The Academy is one of only a handful of martial arts schools outside of China to be recognised by the Chinese Government through the 'All China Martial Arts Register'.

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3. A Modern, High Quality Learning Experience

The Academy's Certificate II to IV in Sport (Coaching) courses offer a diverse and exciting learning experience to students. Each of the courses involves a balance of hands-on martial arts training and small group lectures and workshops conducted in the Academy's classrooms, which are fully equipped with modern learning technology such as projectors, computers and high speed internet access.

Classes are conducted by fully qualified and experienced lecturers and course content is kept up to date with the latest industry knowledge. The Academy employs modern teaching and delivery methods, such as its interactive Online Resource Centre which allows students to view course content and complete assignments online.

All Wing Chun training at the Academy follows Grandmaster Jim Fung's unique training programme, Grandmaster Jim Fung's Wing Chun Kung Fu™, which he developed through his 47 years of experience in the Wing Chun system. This modern and progressive method of learning is highly effective at equipping students with powerful self defence skills from the first lesson and has been endorsed by the world's leading Wing Chun master, Great Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin.

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4. Unique Practical Experience Opportunities

Students of the Academy's Certificate II to IV in Sport (Coaching) courses have the unique opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge in conducting or assisting self defence classes on-campus.

This practical experience is invaluable to individuals who intend to work as professionals in the martial arts, sport coaching, health or fitness industries, or establish their own martial arts schools as the Academy is the largest martial arts school in Australasia.

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5. Unique Career Opportunities

Many of the Academy's course graduates have gone on to lead successful careers in the martial arts, sport coaching, health and fitness industries. In fact, many Academy staff members are former Australian and International students who have graduated from the Academy's Nationally Accredited Courses.

As well as opening the door to a multitude of career options, the Academy's Certificate II to IV in Sport (Coaching) courses also offer graduates the unique opportunity to establish their own successful martial arts schools teaching Grandmaster Jim Fung's Wing Chun Kung Fu™ (subject to eligibility criteria) through the Academy's Affiliated Schools Programme.

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6. A Diverse and Vibrant Student Body

The Academy's student body consists of students of all ages, nationalities and cultural backgrounds. The Academy's friendly atmosphere represents a harmonisation of the Australian concept of mateship and the traditional Chinese concept of family, where a student's training partners are regarded as brothers and sisters.

Numerous social events for students are held throughout the year and students have the opportunity to get further involved in the Academy's community and make new friends through the Academy's Student Society.

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7. Convenience

The Academy's three main campuses in Sydney, Gold Coast and Adelaide are all located within walking distance of nearby shops, restaurants, tourist attractions and public transport.

Each campus has its own unique qualities; the Sydney campus offers study and training in the heart of Australia's largest and busiest city, the Gold Coast campus is located minutes away from Surfers Paradise's famous Main Beach, and the Adelaide campus is located within walking distance of the Adelaide markets and dining precinct.

We are proud to be Australia's first carbon neutral martial arts organisation

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