Chief Instructor Tony Stewart

Chief Instructor Tony Stewart began his Wing Chun training in 1987 at the Liverpool (NSW) branch of the International Wing Chun Academy, having trained in another martial art a few years earlier. After signing up for one month, he was so impressed with the effectiveness of the Academy's system that he persisted with his training and never looked back.

Inst. Tony has held a number of positions of responsibility at the Academy, including Westmead Branch Leader (1989 to 1992), Regional Supervisor, Liverpool Branch Leader (1992) and Branch Manager. In late 1992, CI Tony accepted the role of Academy Coordinator and in 1993 was promoted to the role of NSW State Manager by Sifu Jim Fung - a role which he fulfilled for five years before resuming his studies and becoming a solicitor.

Inst. Tony has participated in numerous Wing Chun demonstrations at venues such as the Sydney Opera House, Entertainment Centre and Martin Place. He has been featured in the Daily Telegraph and Blitz Magazine and appeared on the television programme, Good Mourning Australia. In 2005, he was selected to be a judge in the Guinness World Records recording by Channel 7 for an attempt on the world record for punching speed. This record was broken by Inst. Robert Ardito, a student of the International Wing Chun Academy.

Following the passing of Sifu Jim Fung in 2007 and in consultation with Sigung Chu Shong Tin, Inst. Tony was promoted to the role of Chief Instructor by the Fung family, his primary responsibilities being to preserve the authenticity of Grandmaster Jim Fung's Wing Chun Kung Fu® and to uphold the high standards established by Sifu Jim.

In 2013, Inst. Tony was promoted to the rank of Level 5 following a week of training under Sigung Chu Shong Tin in Hong Kong. Inst. Tony continues to advance his skills through regular training trips to Hong Kong.

Inst. Tony regularly teaches classes and private lessons at the Academy's Sydney HQ.

Our Instructors

The following section contains portraits of all of the International Wing Chun Academy's Level 3 and 4 Senior Instructors who currently teach at a Headquarters or Branch.

All of these Instructors have undergone rigorous practical and theoretical assessment to attain their Level 3 or 4 rankings and have accumulated enough training and teaching experience to be awarded the title of 'Senior Instructor', indicated by their Blue Uniforms.

These Instructors continue to advance their skills under the expert guidance of the Academy's Senior and Chief Instructors.


Scott Bollard

Level 4 Senior Instructor

Greg Buxton

Level 3 Senior Instructor

John Daly

Level 3 Senior Instructor

Tristan Fung

Level 4 Senior Instructor

Milan Galesic

Level 3 Senior Instructor

Jonathan Jong Wah

Level 3 Senior Instructor

Ferne Lander

Level 3 Senior Instructor

Andrew Mason

Level 4 Senior Instructor

Michiko Umebayashi

Level 4 Senior Instructor

Sigung Chu Shong Tin

Sigung's written commendation of the Academy and its Chief Instructors.

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