Two New Affiliated Schools


The International Wing Chun Academy is proud to announce the establishment of two new Affiliated Schools under the Academy's brand new Affiliated Schools Programme! The Affiliated Schools Programme allows Academy-qualified Instructors to establish their own martial arts schools which are licensed to teach Grandmaster Jim Fung's Wing Chun Kung Fu™ and receive certification for their students, as well as numerous promotional benefits and financial incentives.


Wing Chun Kuen Martial Art School

Level 2 Senior Instructor Alain Younes will be returning to Lebanon in April 2011 to open the Wing Chun Kuen Martial Art School in Beirut.

Senior Instructor Alain says that he is excited to be the first to take the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu to Lebanon and the only one in the area licensed to teach the unique training programme of Grandmaster Jim Fung's Wing Chun Kung Fu™.


Scott Bollard Wing Chun Kung Fu

In January 2011, Level 3 Senior Instructor Scott Bollard established Scott Bollard Wing Chun Kung Fu in Miranda, NSW. Senior Instructor Scott's school is the first school to open under the Academy's new Affiliated Schools Programme.

Senior Instructor Scott has enjoyed tremendous success in running his Affiliated School and enrolled over 30 students in his first month of operation.


Apply to Establish Your Own Affiliated School Today!

All Academy-qualified Instructors are eligible to apply for the Affiliated Schools Programme and may do so by following the instructions on the Affiliated Schools Programme page.

Establishment of an Affiliated School is one of the career outcomes of the Academy's Nationally Accredited Courses. Existing students of the Academy and those new to Wing Chun may work towards becoming an Academy-qualified Instructor by enrolling in one of the Academy's Certificates II, III or IV in Sport (Coaching).

Get on board the Academy's Affiliated Schools Programme today and make a success of running your own Wing Chun school affiliated with the International Wing Chun Academy. Apply now to secure your territory!

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