Recent Level 5 Grading Promotion


Chief Instructor Albert ChongThe Academy is delighted to announce that Chief Instructor Albert Chong has been graded to Level 5 of Sifu Jim Fung’s training system.

Inst. Albert’s grading was approved by Sigung Chu Shong Tin early in December following Sigung Chu’s assessment of Inst. Albert’s skills during the Chief Instructors’ private training with him in Sydney and Hong Kong over the past two years.

Inst. Albert’s new rank places him in a position to grade other Senior Instructors to higher Levels within Sifu Jim’s training system, and will allow other Instructors to continue to progress through the upper Levels of the Academy as they satisfy the grading criteria.

Inst. Albert started training at the Adelaide branch of the Academy in 1972 shortly before its official opening. He has provided invaluable support both as a teacher and advisor to the Academy before and after Sifu Jim’s passing in 2007.

The Academy offers its warm congratulations to Inst. Albert.