Wing Chun Takes Off in Jetstar Magazine!


The International Wing Chun Academy's unique martial arts and self defence classes in Grandmaster Jim Fung's Wing Chun Kung Fu® have been named one of the top Chinese cultural activities in this month's Jetstar in-flight magazine.

At 10am, a bell rings and the class gives a respectful bow to three photos hanging on the wall depicting a long lineage of teachers. Jeffrey leads us with a graceful warm up of tai chi-like moves, before teaching several punches and kicks. I'm paired up with cute little 12-year-old Julia Lu who tells me she took up the art because, "It was something different. I really like it now!" Julia is half my height so I’m unconcerned; until, that is, she starts landing punches that take my breath away. Read more
Jetstar Magazine

This article may be found on pages 58 to 61 of Jetstar Magazine, January 2012 edition. Click here to access a digital copy.

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