Tributes to Chu Shong Tin


Chu Shong Tin (1933 - 2014)

We are sad to inform students that Sigung Chu Shong Tin passed away in Hong Kong on the morning of Tuesday, the 29th of July 2014. Sigung Chu was the third student of Yip Man and the master of the Academy’s founder, Sifu Jim Fung.

We will be forever grateful for the knowledge, skill and passion that he so generously shared with us since the Academy’s beginnings in 1973. He will be dearly missed by us all.

Tribute from Linda Fung

"Chu Shong Tin was much more than just my late husband's master. Because of their unique relationship and shared passion for Wing Chun Kung Fu, he felt more like family. In the 35 years that I knew him, he was always smiling and joking, interested in my family life and happy to accept a hug and a kiss. His humble attitude and joy in teaching were reflected in Jim's approach to his own students and everyday life. It was a privilege to have him in our lives and my heartfelt sympathy is with Simo, Horace, Fion, Charlotte and the Chu family at this sad time." – Linda Fung


Tribute from Tristan Fung

"My relationship with Sigung Chu Shong Tin commenced long before my relationship with Wing Chun. By the time I was born, Sigung and my father had known each other for over 26 years. I was just 6 months old when I first met Sigung in Hong Kong. From then on, family trips to Hong Kong involved not only seeing my own relatives, but Sigung and his family too. It was like I had a second grandfather on my father's side.

I look back fondly on memories of watching Sigung and my father train together. I remember how proud I was the first time Sigung invited me to attempt one of the movements they were practising. It was an honour to be allowed to train with someone who my father spoke so highly of - both at the Academy and at home. For someone so skilled and admired, Sigung was remarkably friendly and approachable. I was heartened to learn that, like my father, Sigung too had a strong sense of humour. I don't think I will ever forget his distinctive laugh or smile.

When my father died in March 2007, the most valuable gift that Sigung offered me was not his incredible undertaking to continue the training of our instructors, but his invaluable wisdom and the hope that the Academy could continue without my father.

I will always be grateful for Sigung's relationship with my family and the knowledge, skill and passion that he generously shared with us all.

Thank you, Sigung." – Tristan Fung


Tribute from Tony Stewart

"I first met Sigung Chu Shong Tin when he was with my Sifu, Jim Fung, at the International Wing Chun Academy in Sydney in 1988. I had only been training in Wing Chun Kung Fu for one year. It did not take me long to realise that there was something special and extraordinary about this man. Sigung was able to explain and demonstrate Wing Chun in a way that even a beginner could get a lot out of. Over the years I had the privilege of training with Sigung on an almost annual basis because of Sifu Jim.

In relation to Sigung's skill, there would be too many highlights for me to mention. Although very low key and humble, always happy and smiling, Sigung was definitely the real deal. Sigung practised Wing Chun for over 60 years continuously, and right to the end he was still teaching more than most. Sigung was very generous, putting other people before himself.

After Sifu Jim sadly passed away in 2007, Sigung would come to Sydney to teach private lessons to the Chief Instructors of the International Wing Chun Academy. We were all so grateful and obtained a lot of benefit. After Sigung could no longer travel to Australia, the Chief Instructors would go to Hong Kong to train with Sigung. Incredibly, Sigung was even more impressive and amazing in his own school. The last time I trained under Sigung in December 2013, he was still (at 80 years of age) the fastest and most powerful man I knew.

Sifu Jim always spoke the highest of Sigung, who always spoke admirably of Great Grandmaster Yip Man. The Wing Chun community and indeed the martial arts world has lost one of true legendary great Grandmasters in the sad passing of Sigung, but his legacy will certainly live on." – Tony Stewart