Ip Man 2 Australian Release


The International Wing Chun Academy has teamed up with the Australian distributor of Ip Man 2, Dream Movie Australia, to promote the release of Ip Man 2 in Australia on the 29th of April 2010!

Ip Man 2 starring Donnie Yen

Ip Man 2 will be showing at the following cinemas throughout Australia:

Hoyts Broadway & Chatswood Mandarin (NSW)
AMC Sunnybank8 (QLD)
Hoyts Tea Tree Plaza (SA) from late May
Hoyts Melbourne Central & Chadstone (VIC)
Hoyts Carousel (WA)

The film is in Cantonese with English and Chinese subtitles.

The International Wing Chun Academy is also running a special competition for all Ip Man 2 filmgoers. For more information, please visit Dream Movie Australia’s Blog.


The Sequel to 2008's Ip Man starring Donnie Yen

Ip Man 2, the much awaited sequel to 2008's Ip Man, directed by Wilson Yip and starring Donnie Yen, begins with Ip Man’s migration from Foshan to British-colonised Hong Kong in 1949. According to the film’s screenwriter, ‘the film deals with how Hong Kong people were treated under British colonial rule, and Western attitudes concerning Chinese Kung Fu’. Ip Man 2 also stars Sammo Hung of Prodigal Son fame as Hung Chun Nam, a Hung Ga Master.

Ip Man (also spelled Yip Man) is the Master of Sigung Chu Shong Tin and the Grandmaster of Sifu Jim Fung.


Ip Man 2 Storyline

Upon Ip Man and his family’s arrival in Hong Kong in 1949, a friend of his introduced him to Leung Kan, the Chief Editor of a local newspaper. Leung Kan generously offered his rooftop to Ip Man so that he could use it to teach Wing Chun classes. As Wing Chun was relatively unknown in Hong Kong at the time, few people were interested in learning from Ip Man. Ten days after Ip Man’s school had opened, local boxer Wong Leung approached Ip Man and challenged him to a sparring match. Ip Man effortlessly defeated Wong Leung with his Wing Chun, and Wong Leung was so impressed by Ip Man’s abilities that he and several of his friends asked Ip Man to be their Master. Thus began Ip Man’s school in Hong Kong.


Ip Man 2 Trailer


10 Minute Preview of Ip Man 2


Ip Man 2 DVD Release

Ip Man 2 will be showing in cinemas throughout April and May 2010 and will be released on DVD in late 2010. The first film, Ip Man, is currently available on DVD.

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