Fitness with a Purpose

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Get Fit, Keep Safe

The International Wing Chun Academy offers an excellent solution to anybody wanting to learn devastatingly effective self defence skills while improving their health, fitness and overall wellbeing.

The Academy's unique training programme in Wing Chun Kung Fu, designed by Grandmaster Jim Fung, is a modern and structured approach to self defence which is both mentally and physically stimulating.

It is highly effective at equipping students of all ages and physiques with realistic self defence skills from the first lesson through its delivery of 'Fitness with a Purpose'.

Powerful Self Defence

The practice of Wing Chun contradicts most other martial arts in that students cultivate the power of relaxation, rather than brute strength, for use in self defence.

The brain is trained to relearn natural responses to stimuli and signal muscles to perform in an optimum and relaxed state.

Dr Dennis Lowe
Relaxation optimises force output by allowing a Wing Chun practitioner to maximise the amount of body mass in a strike and the acceleration at which it is delivered...
IWCA Student, Neurologist and Eye Surgeon, Dr Dennis Lowe

Using the principles of redirection and leverage - or 'going with the flow' - in place of hard blocking, oncoming strikes are redirected or neutralised. The opponent's force is turned against him.

By coordinating body and mind, students gradually increase their ability to generate power and strive to develop Wing Chun's unique thought force, or 'Nim Lik'. Using Nim Lik, a Wing Chun practitioner is able to develop power equal to that of assailants twice their physical size or more.

Strength and Fitness Benefits of Wing Chun

The foundation of the Wing Chun system is the development of an extremely strong stance and the use of techniques based on natural body movements which are fast, direct and extremely powerful. They are easy to learn and can be used with confidence in a real fight - anywhere, in any situation and in any type of clothing.

The Academy's classes incorporate callisthenics and aerobic exercises designed and supervised by qualified fitness instructors. Known as 'power training', these drills involve the major muscles of the body, raise the heart rate and blood circulation, and improve the power and speed of techniques. Combined with the practice of the Wing Chun forms, techniques and sparring, they help students become fitter, stronger and more agile.

Kevin Troeger
Wing Chun can you lose body fat and maintain weight control, develop improved endurance and improve the efficiency of your muscles. Sharpened reflexes, better balance and correction of posture are also benefits...
IWCA Instructor and Professional Fitness Trainer, Kevin Troeger

In training their minds for self defence, students also reap the benefits of greater focus and concentration skills, stress control, relaxation and increased confidence.

Dr Robert Yap

Through the Wing Chun stance and correct posture and through training of 'Nim Tau' principles, people with chronic backache will find increasing relief as the paraspinal muscles are relaxed... When one performs the Siu Nim Tau form with complete relaxation, physically and mentally, stress levels will decrease and the ability to focus will improve...

IWCA Instructor and Sydney GP, Dr Robert Yap

Real Life Benefits of Wing Chun

Learning Wing Chun at the IWCA can open the door to an entirely different, exciting and healthy new lifestyle for students, whether they be:

  • police, military or security personnel needing to protect their own or others' safety;
  • businessmen or women seeking an 'edge' over the competition, fitness and / or stress relief;
  • sports people aiming to develop strength and endurance and prevent injury;
  • students dealing with schoolyard bullying or needing assistance with concentration and focus for exams;
  • women requiring a confidence boost, toning and/or weight loss; or
  • any person seeking an interesting and highly effective method of keeping safe and fit.

Wing Chun for Life

Wing Chun is not something in which you reach a peak and gradually lose interest.

The scientific theory and practical efficiency of the style quickly becomes a source of deep fascination and endless discovery for students. As their understanding improves, so do their skills, making Wing Chun an activity which students can continue to practice and learn well into their senior years.

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“... my fitness training has noticeably improved. My balance and posture have ...

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